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This began in central Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries and gradually spread throughout the continent.

The original uses of tinplate were for household articles, including lanterns, plates, and drinking vessels; however, with the introduction of food canning in 1812, packaging became the major use of tinplate.

These applications have continued to the present day, although the alloy compositions have changed markedly.Further developments in tin alloys, coatings, and chemicals have contributed to advances in transport, telecommunication, aerospace, packaging, agriculture, and environmental protection.), a lead-tin-iron-antimony sulfide.These two minerals occur chiefly in lode deposits in Bolivia, often in association with other metals such as silver.As a metal it is used in a very wide variety of industrial applications—but almost always in combination with other elements as an alloy or coating, since its intrinsic softness precludes its use as a structural material.Although tin is usually a minor constituent in alloys, it is an essential one on account of the way in which its special properties confer improvements to the matrix metal.

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