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Ok when it comes to responding to a text message he sent you, there is a fine line between playing it cool and looking too cool/ being responsive and being needy.

When he texts you first you always respond, unless you’re not into him anymore then feel free to ignore them J.

We seem very preoccupied with making sure we look the part and play that perfect social role when first getting to know someone so that we can project the best possible image of ourselves out into the world.

With such an emphasis on how others perceive us in a face-to-face interaction, I’m surprised we don’t give the same emphasis and thought to our online interactions and first impressions.

The prevalence of texting in our society naturally begets the question: how is texting effecting our day-to-day interactions and relationships?

In the real world it is common to be concerned with how we are being perceived when we meet someone and get to know them initially, our society puts a lot of weight into this idea of a ‘first impression’.

If you get too intimate too soon this can quickly deteriorate a new relationship because it turns the dynamic into purely sexual rather than emotional.

Intimate texting should only be done if the guy has initiated the intimacy with you first.

Let’s break down the golden rules and etiquette of texting: When texting with your new boo, or even a new friend you meet, it’s really important to make sure you’re asking all the right questions and getting to know them intimately, first in person rather than through texting.

Don’t ask me why, but it’s just always better to let him initiate the text.

Much like in real life, the girl expects the guy to initiate the first dance, the first kiss, to propose marriage, etc. Assuming he got your number first, wait for him to initiate your first texting conversation.

We are all busy but we make time for the things that are important to us, so if this person is a priority you will find the time to answer their texts and vice versa- if he’s not responding to your texts, he’s just not that into you.

Moreover, if he is taking two days or so to get back to a text message, he is setting the pace and you literally are given the same amount of time to get back to him and no one can get mad.

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