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Generally with gluten-free flours, you need to combine them with a starch and other gf flours for proper binding.

I’m not a big fan of rice flour as it tends to be gritty in texture. It’s nice to be able to make a banana bread that’s vegan, but that vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy!

I made this banana bread (from the recipe on the app) this past week and my kids have been enjoying a slice every morning for breakfast. She suggested that we should put it in the living room on the coffee table! :) I’m so happy that you’ve all enjoyed the banana bread (it’s a sad moment when that last slice is gone!! I have some black bananas on the counter so I guess I’ll *have* to make another loaf…oh darn. I was craving it one morning, took it out of the freezer and just mowed down on it. I made a disappointing pumpkin bread that just about broke my heart when I had to throw it away (talk about bland! Reply I’ve made this twice already (from your app), and it’s amazing!!

If you decide to experiment, please let us know how it goes! Reply I have the OSG app, and made this banana bread recently since I had leftover ripe bananas. Tasted great with a little bit of vegan butter melted on top. And this recipe looks so simple, I think I have all the ingredients at home.

;) Thank you for the recipe and the really amusing and entertaining post.

i’ve had wonderful success (wayyy better commercial gluten free) with the flowing mix: for the 40% grain flour, i used 150g buckwheat, 100g corn flour/starch, 100g besan/chickpea flour, 50g coconut flour (or almond meal).

Totaling 400g for the 60% starch flour, i used 350g rice flour, 150g sticky/sweet/glutinous rice flour, 100g arrowroot/tapioca/potato flour/starch. Combine all in an airtight container (1kg) and mix well to combine.

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