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In the late 1990s, divers discovered the remains of ancient docks at the eastern side of the island as well as a series of giant columns/pillars made of red Egyptian granite with shattered pottery beneath them.

There were more than 60 pieces, each 4 feet in diameter and 7 meters in length.

The Sphinx that appears in the photos of this article had its head separated from its body.

You may also see stones with ancient Egyptian writings on it if the visibility is good enough (by good enough I mean more than 2 meters).

Because of this, Goddio believes Cleopatra inherited the palace.

Her palace was spectacular - a landmark and symbol or her power.

She ruled Egypt and spent much time creating alliances with Roman leaders to keep them from occupying Egypt.

Ancient paintings indicate the columns/pillars acted as a ceremonial gateway to the island.

Each column had a decorated crown on top and together they created a magnificent entrance - one fit for a queen.

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