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Mandalay was the last city of the Burmese kings before British takeover, and the artistic centre is famed for the tales told by poets like Rudyard Kipling.

Savour the stories with a crimson sunset on top of Mandalay Hill.

' The cats weren't gathering at the door anymore.

Although he thought the sighting was 'weird Adam didn't think much of it, until another unusual event unfolded.

Adam then returned to update followers on his story on Monday night, revealing that he had installed a home surveillance system in order to keep an eye on his cats when he goes on a trip to Japan in three weeks. They are sweet, kind and caring, generous and sincere. Maybe they also think that a foreign woman might expect from their man that hes telling his feelings straight out several times a day, something a shy Japanese man just wont.

Feeling safe, with my friends all around, I texted back, asking him to come over and I'd buy him a drink.Ive written an article about in response to this feeling Ive had since mid November-ish, and I hope it provides assistance and comfort to those who need.Where to Stay 4 Best Hotels Near the US Open in Flushing Meadows.' The window looks out onto the roof of the business next door.He signed off the installment of his twisted ghost story by admitting that he just 'can't explain' what's going on in his home, but suggested that he feels no more confident about being there than he did at the end of his last viral thread). A flat owner claiming to be haunted by a 'ghost' he calls Dear David has shared an image of what he says is a demonic child staring at him in his bedroom.

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