Psychology dating player

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Men want women to look fabulous, but to achieve this effortlessly without having to labour at it. You think you've met someone special - but you're still have nagging doubts about whether this is the best relationship for you.

Psychological research into love has found that it is possible to predict which relationships are on firmer foundations from the answers partners give to the kinds of questions printed on the following page.

Some of the most intelligent men were those with hair on their backs as well as on their chests.

In a region of southern India, research among medical and engineering students and manual labourers found that both groups of students had more body hair on average than the manual workers.

And if the body no longer appears real or genuine because of artificial enhancement, then there seems something dishonest about the person, too.

This explains male uneasiness about cosmetic surgery, because if a woman is not "real" in this aspect, how honest is she being about the rest of her appearance, or her life?

You would not dream of going into a restaurant and simply letting other people choose your meal for you - but that is exactly how most people approach sex There is no way of making love which is guaranteed to please everyone, just as there is no one meal which everyone likes.

Also, even if you are served your favourite meal every day, the likelihood is that a change will add spice.

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