Seeing impared dating

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She can distinguish lights from darks, and her seeing-eye dog helps her navigate the world. For Jolliff, such dating platforms are largely incompatible with Voiceover, a screen reading software she uses on her i Phone.

Yet her dog can’t help her swipe right or left on Tinder. They’re also completely image-based, she says, meaning they don’t reflect how she experiences life.

“To be very honest, I haven’t thought that much about how some people might be excluded from being able to enjoy Coffee Meets Bagel,” Kwang said. “The more dynamic we can make the app, the more inclusive we can get,” Kang says.

In general, there is limited knowledge and studies on the experiences of dating with a disability.

“I like being able to see how much effort a guy is willing to put into crafting his profile: Is he really serious about finding someone?

” Finding someone online has never been more popular.

In her e Harmony and Ok Cupid profiles, Tiffany Jolliff notes that she obsessively listens to the “Hamilton” soundtrack, loves karaoke and can make almost anyone laugh.

But Jolliff leaves out one detail that is part of her daily life: She’s blind.

She prefers to go to coffee shops or lounges, particularly places she knows.

“We have no advice to give people who want to do online dating who have a disability,” says Elizabeth Mazur, associate professor of psychology at Penn State Greater Allegheny.

“We can’t tell you whether you will be more successful at versus Dating4Disabled.

Taking pictures “isn’t even something that crosses my mind,” she says. Last fall, Jolliff signed up for e Harmony and Ok Cupid.

“I want the ‘deeper’ connection that sites like e Harmony and to an extent, Ok Cupid, can bring,” Jolliff says.

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